Don't forget to get your Lavender Ice Cream!

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Something extra special to share with your true love. 

1) Our Lavender Massage Oil is a treat for your skin, smells heavenly, and helps to release negative emotions and frustrations while relaxing tense muscles.

2) Hand-poured, pure soy wax, made locally by Croze Creations, this Lavender Goddess Candle has the warm, comforting scent of lavender and palo santo. The top is adorned with Amythest crystals.

3) Our Heart-shaped Sachets, strategically placed will extend lavender aroma to your clothes, car or anywhere you want to add a touch of love.

4) To complete the Lovers Set, share a Gorge Confectioners bar with Dark Swiss Chocolate, Hood River Lavender Farm lavender, Meyer Lemon, and crunchy Pistachios.  This bar is not overly sweet and showcases the bright and floral combinations of lemon and lavender.